Bluebells: Falls of Clyde

Conference: River Kelvin - History and Natural History

This conference took place on Saturday June 6th in the Graham Kerr Building, University of Glasgow, under the auspices of the Glasgow Science Festival. This associated information and links below are being maintained pending publication of the Proceedings of the conference in The Glasgow Naturalist (probably volume 26 part 4 in 2017).

The ‘River Kelvin’ theme will also be addressed in GNHS excursions throughout the year; see excursions


The conference will provide an opportunity for all participants to contribute ideas on what the Kelvin Biodiversity Network should do next.

See abstracts for more detail. There will also be posters on relevant research topics and conservation work.

The conference is a project led by the Kelvin Biodiversity Network: Glasgow Natural History Society, Friends of the River Kelvin, RSPB, Clyde River Foundation, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Woodlands Community Garden, Maryhill and Summerston Community Council.