Clyde at Carbarns

The Glasgow Naturalist 26 part 3

Edited by: Dominic J. McCafferty & Iain Wilkie



Biological field stations in Scotland: valuing their past and supporting their future. D. J. McCafferty

Full Papers

Establishment of conservation refuge populations for Scotland’s rare freshwater fish, the powan Coregonus lavaretus. A. A. Lyle, A. Stephen & C. E. Adams 3
Staurastrum spinolobatum: a new species of placoderm desmid from the Shetland Islands. C. F. Carter & D. B. Williamson 10
Observations on co-existing populations of adders, slow-worms and common lizards at Loch Lomond, Scotland: implications for conservation. C. J. McInerny 15
Annual variation in the numbers of breeding common frog Rana temporaria at a cluster of sites in the west of Scotland. E. Paterson 25
First investigation of the consumption of seal carcasses by terrestrial and marine scavengers. M.M. Quaggiotto, L. R. Burke, D. J. McCafferty, D. M. Bailey 32
The bordered brown lacewing Megalomus hirtus (L. 1761) rediscovered: an invertebrate survey in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. M. Smith & S. Burgess 52
The beetles of the Grey Hill/Pinbain Burn SAC near Girvan, South Ayrshire. B. Philp 55
Quantifying 250 years of change to the channel structure of the River Kelvin.
I.Moore, C.McGillivray, W.E.Yeoman, K. Murphy

Short Notes

First record of Hydra oxycnida Schulze, 1914 (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) for the British Isles. P. Sumner 72
Recent insect records from North Ayrshire’s sand dune systems. B. Philp & I. Hamlin 74
The non-native flatworm, Kontikia andersoni Jones 1981 (Seriata, Geoplanidae) in Scotland. G. Wilkinson 79
Sex ratio of the stonefly Perla bipunctata (Plecoptera: Perlidae) in the River Carron. C. R. Macadam 80
Recently discovered portraits of two 19th century Loch Lomondside naturalists. J. Mitchell 82
Wild orchids in suburban localities around Glasgow. M. O’Reilly & S. Longrigg 85
A prodigious collembolan ’swarming’ event on Kames Bay, Millport. P.G. Moore 86
Notes on Opiliones (Harvestmen) on Great Cumbrae Island. P. G. Moore 87

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