The 2017 summer programme can be seen here.

The 2016-17 Winter Programme can be seen here.

Dedication of Tree and Memorial Plaque to Peter Macpherson, 6.30 pm, Thursday, 27th April: GNHS members are invited to attend this event on the north-facing front of the GU campus, outside the main building overlooking University Avenue. Coffee is being made available beforehand, at 6.00 pm in the museum of the Graham Kerr Building. As numbers are required for this please, contact Roger Downie if you intend to be present.

The Glasgow Naturalist – proposed online digitisation: see Digitisation Announcement for details and copyright implications

The Flora of Lanarkshire by the late Peter Macpherson is now available at £38.50; order on-line at Nature Bureau bookshop or Members may order from GNHS.

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Scotland, Chris McInerny and Pete Minting. Published by GNHS; download it free here (PDF, 135Mb)

Conference: River Kelvin - History and Natural History (see conference) took place on June 6th 2015. Proceedings will be published in The Glasgow Naturalist section of this site in due course.

PhotoSCENE 2015-16 − A Natural History Photographic Competition sponsored by Glasgow Natural History Society and the University of Glasgow Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine. Entries are now closed, but winning entries from previous years can be seen here

Bursaries The GNHS & BRISC (Biological Recording in Scotland) buraries for 2017 have now been awarded. We expect there will be a further tranche of bursaries on offer later this year; see BRISC website in November / December 2017.


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