macad Glasgow Natural History Society: Lectures and Tutorials

Winter Programme

Meetings will be held in the Boyd Orr Building, University Avenue, except where otherwise indicated, and will begin at 7.00pm. Where there are two lectures listed for an evening, each will last about 30 minutes.

At the start of most meetings there will be a short time when members can present their recent observations: these can be short talks (about 2 minutes), or interesting specimens, or photographs. It will be helpful if members intending to make such a presentation can let Roger Downie know in advance: email Roger.


Tuesday 17th
7.00pm Lecture: Returning a native: beaver restoration to Britain; Roisin Campbell-Palmer

Tuesday 8th
7.00pm Lecture 1: The Clyde Marine Region − beneath the waves; Rebecca Crawford
Lecture 2: A review of biological recording infrastructure in Scotland − progress report; Rachel Tierney

Tuesday 12th
7.00pm Lecture 1: Plants, mycorrhiza and evolution; Jim Downie
Lecture 2: Wintering jack snipe in Glasgow; Iain Livingstone
Thursday 14th
7.30pm Bower (Botany) Building Seminar Room (jointly with Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens and the Glasgow Treelovers Society)
Lecture: A quest for trees; Tom Christian

Tuesday 10th
Christmas buffet dinner − see Newsletter for details and booking form; includes Lecture: Amber − tears of the gods; Neil Clark


Tuesday 14th
7.00pm Hunterian Museum (Main building): Exploration − from deep time to deep space; exhibition visit led by Jeanne Robinson
Wednesday 29th
5.00pm Graham Kerr Building Lecture Theatre 1
Blodwen Lloyd Binns Lecture: A natural history of immune defences in this wormy world; Andrea Graham

Tuesday 11th
7.00pm Photographic Night: members’ slides or digital slide shows, plus results of this year’s PhotoSCENE competition − see Newsletter for details

Thursday 5th
6.30pm Graham Kerr Building Lecture Theatre 1 (jointly with University of Glasgow Exploration Society)
Glasgow University Expeditions 2019 Report Back
Tuesday 10th
6.30pm Annual General Meeting, followed by:
7.30pm Lecture: From science to policy − protecting the marine environment; Lyndsey Dodds

Tuesday 14th
7.00pm Graham Kerr Building Lecture Theatre 1
Lecture: West End Wildlife; David Palmar

Sunday 3rd
This year’s joint meeting between Glasgow, Paisley and Hamilton Natural History Societies will be an excursion, planned for Ardeer and Garnock Floods in Ayrshire. See newsletter for details
Tuesday 12th
7.00pm Graham Kerr Building Lecture Theatre 1
Lecture: Exploring the mechanistic basis of social behaviour in fishes; Shaun Killen

Tuesday 9th
Summer Social: see Newsletter for details and booking form

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