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Winter Programme

Meetings will take place online for the foreseeable future; the following list gives speakers and dates only, titles of the talks will be added in due course. Where there are two lectures listed for an evening, each will last about 30 minutes.


Tuesday 14th
7.00pm Lecture: Hugh Warwick, well-known writer and naturalist, spokesperson for the Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Tuesday 12th
7.00pm Lecture 1: Sarah Raymond, Cardiff University on ‘Project Splatter’ which records wildlife roadkill in the UK.
Lecture 2: Kieran Dick-Doyle who promotes the planting of ‘Tiny forests’.

Thursday 9th
7.00pm Lecture: Andrew Painting- ecologist and writer on environmental restoration at Mar Lodge estate.

Tuesday 14th
Hannah Wilson, botanical researcher on Begonias


To be advised.

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